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Hello everyone!

Hey!! Wow, it’s been a long time. You know how you put something on your desk and intend to get to it every single day and then some time has passed and you pick up some papers and the thing you wanted to do has been sitting under there the WHOLE time? That is how I feel about writing this blog. LOL!! Every day I think about sitting down to write something and then time just seems to get away.

I am still loving getting your emails and messages. Life has been pretty full lately. I am now at WCIU-TV, The U on a new project called “You and Me This Morning” with one of the most incredibly funny and talented people I know- Jeanne Sparrow. We are currently developing the 8am hour so that is when you are most likely to catch me. The project is still morphing and developing, but even now it’s a unique and different way at looking at the stories and people of Chicago. It’s a bit like what you were used to on the radio only we can finally show you the video and pictures instead of making you visit the website.

A lot of you ask about producer Jimmy, newsman Rick, and Tony. They are all doing great and still 3 of the best guys I know. I’m still waiting for the pizza I ordered from Jimmy about 6 months ago. Every day I go to the door hoping to see the Domino’s pizza guy- but he’s just not there!!

So from now on, I promise I will do a better job of keeping you informed and writing notes about what is up and what is happening. Since re-working the website the more current things will be easier to find and hopefully easier for me to use. lol. I have a ton of new pictures that will be posted and can’t wait to share them with you.

Love your emails and I am excited to talk to you. Also, don’t forget to become a Facebook fan at Melissa Forman. This way you will know immediately when something happens. Lots of fun stuff in the works.

Hope to talk to you soon!! Thanks for always being there.


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